Welcome to my personalsite!
I appreciate you stopping by to check out my bio and learn more about me.

I live with my lovely partner Eva.
I have 2 adult children and Eva has 4 adult children so tougether we have 6 adult children and 6 grandchildren.

I was born and raised in Malmö, Skåne in Sweden together with my parents and my brother.
My parents worked in the metal industry and textile industies all their lives and it was traditional 7-4 jobs.

Malmö where I grew up was at that time a large shipyard city with Kockum's shipyard which was built around 1870 and closed down in 2002.

When I was growing up, my interests were apart from school, football, table tennis, radio-controlled flying, motorcycling and hanging out with friends. If I were going somewhere, it was by cycling and that was valid until I got a driving license on a motorcycle.

After primary school, I was a little lost about what I should choose for education. When you are 15 years old, it is difficult to choose what you want to work with. I was so young and lack life experience.
But I chose to educate as a plumber.
It was the most interesting professional group on the construction sites and I got to build hospitals, homes and offices.

But I quickly felt that I wanted something other than working out on the construction sites so I chose to study a few years as a HVAC engineer and I have been working with it since the late 80's.

I got stuck in the squirrel wheel struggling even though I still had several different professional roles such as designer, project manager, section manager, department manager, mentor, senior consultant and advisor, certified construction inspector and technical manager.

I have been involved in many interesting and exciting projects in the engineering role, including hospitals, offices, homes, waste incineration and cogeneration plants, synchrotron lighting system Max II and Max IV, etc.
Unfortunately, there have not been any 40-hour working weeks, instead for long periods it was 60-80-hour working weeks.
So it was long working days to get the little free time that it became for the family and the job has had more time than the family long periods.

A while ago, I started thinking about whether this was really the life I wanted to live or if there was another way to get a better work life balance, control my working hours and create real freedom.

I came across some good Business Books and read, among other things, "Rich Dad Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki and "The Four Hour Work Week" by Timothy Ferris and after that I sat down and searched the internet for a better way to a nicer lifestyle.
That was then I found a Digital Entrepreneur named Martin Ström who showed me that there was a new world. The Digital world that provides an opportunity to work anywhere via a laptop.
We are in Digital Age where there is opportunity, like never before, to spend less time working and more time with friends and family and most importantly, living the life you want.

Jan-Inge's newfound passion is to help people get away from the traditional lifestyle in to the digital lifestyle, so that they can find more time for themselves and self-realization.
Jan-Inge's believes in a gradual transition from the traditional working life to the digital lifestyle and does not advise giving up a traditional job immediately.
This is to help ourselves and also as many other people as possible, to live the life we ourselves choose to live it of our own will.


My family and I are building an online business that we can manage from a computer anywhere.
This is because we want more time, energy, money so that we can have more freedom in our lives. We want to achieve real freedom so that we can spend our lives as we choose. For us, real freedom is important.
We want to help and encourage other people / families to do the same to seek alternative ways to have more freedom in their lives